Case Study

Octane Race Project

Rocket League has ventured into an exciting collaboration with Fortnite, resulting in the addition of the iconic vehicle known as the Octane to the Fortnite universe.

The Octane, a fan-favorite car from Rocket League, brings its unique design and dynamic capabilities to the world of Fortnite. This collaboration not only bridges the worlds of these two popular games but also offers players the opportunity to experience the exhilarating speed and precision of the Octane within the vibrant Fortnite gameplay.

Brand objective

Initially, at Cube Studios, our objective was to demonstrate our ability to create an exciting race track featuring the Octane vehicle from Rocket League within the Fortnite game. We aimed to showcase our creativity and technical skills by designing a challenging and visually stunning course that would test players’ driving abilities.

Fortnite took notice of our map creation and recognized its potential to enhance the collaboration with Rocket League. As a result, they decided to integrate our map into the official collaboration, offering players the opportunity to participate in races and compete for rewards using the Octane vehicle.

Cube Studios expertise

Fortnite provided valuable advice and suggestions to further enhance the map and the overall experience.

One significant improvement suggested by Fortnite was the addition of sound effects and notifications when a player activates a boot power-up. This addition greatly enhanced the immersive experience by providing audio cues and visual notifications, making it more engaging and exciting for players.


In our pursuit to enhance player engagement, we introduced challenging obstacles and boost pads throughout the racecourse.

These additions were strategically placed to elevate the difficulty level and require players to master their skills through multiple attempts to complete the course successfully.


The race map created by Cube Studios was prominently featured in a special category within Fortnite, encouraging players to play on the map to unlock the rewards of the Rocket League collaboration.

This promotion heightened player engagement by showcasing the map and emphasizing its significance in obtaining exclusive rewards.

Octane Race Project Trailer