Case Study

Pangeos Project


Lazzarini Design Studio was founded by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, an acclaimed Italian designer. With an unwavering passion for design and innovation, Pierpaolo Lazzarini established the studio with the aim of bringing his innovative ideas to life and collaborating with other talented professionals to achieve remarkable projects.


Pierpaolo Lazzarini and his team at Lazzarini Design Studio embarked on a groundbreaking project called “Pangeos: The Terayacht.” This visionary concept involved creating a floating city within a turtle-shaped yacht. Recognizing the potential for immersive experiences in the gaming world, they sought the expertise of my team, Cube Studios, to bring their concept to life in the popular game Fortnite, enabling anyone to explore and visit the yacht.

The collaboration between Lazzarini Design Studio and Cube Studios aimed to blend the boundaries of design, technology, and gaming, offering a unique opportunity for players to venture into the world of Pangeos. By leveraging the interactive capabilities of Fortnite, the virtual representation of the turtle-shaped yacht became accessible to a wide audience, allowing them to experience the innovative concept firsthand.

Cube Studios expertise

Cube Studios brings extensive expertise to the table, understanding the technical limitations and requirements of creating immersive experiences within the Fortnite game environment. Recognizing the memory constraints imposed by Fortnite, we advised the Lazzarini Design Studio team that recreating the entire yacht in intricate detail would not be feasible. Instead, we proposed focusing on the key areas and highlights of the yacht.

Given the immense size of the yacht, we suggested incorporating mini-games at various locations to ensure players remain engaged and entertained. These mini-games would be designed to be easily understandable, catering to the impatience and preference for simplicity among Fortnite players who seek straightforward and intuitive gameplay experiences. By implementing these mini-games, we aimed to strike a balance between exploration and interactive engagement, ensuring players have a fun and enjoyable time while visiting the yacht.


The development of the project took approximately three weeks due to the meticulous process of recreating the yacht to scale. Cube Studios was committed to making the yacht truly impressive, aiming to convey to players the vastness and grandeur of the project.

To ensure an engaging and immersive experience, a selection of mini-games was carefully chosen.

This served to emphasize the expansive nature of the yacht and provided an exciting physical challenge for players.

To encourage exploration and reward players, a more general scavenger hunt-style game was incorporated. Players had to collect scattered wave-shaped coins throughout the yacht, enticing them to explore different areas and discover hidden secrets.


After completing the map development, Cube Studios focused on the release and promotion of the Pangeos map. To generate buzz and excitement, a captivating trailer showcasing the map was created in collaboration with our skilled video editor. This trailer aimed to provide players with a glimpse of the immersive experience that awaited them within the Pangeos yacht.

In addition to the trailer, a promotional image was designed to serve as the visual representation of the map within Fortnite. This image would be the thumbnail that players would see when selecting the Pangeos map. It was carefully crafted to capture the essence of the project and entice players to explore the yacht.

An advantage Cube Studios had in the promotion process was the fact that the studio’s founder and head is a well-known content creator with a large following. Leveraging his existing audience, the project was highlighted and discussed, generating significant exposure to a vast audience.

Case Study Pangeos Project Trailer