Case Study

Easter Deathrun 

To celebrate the Easter holidays, we designed an exciting map course in partnership with Nvidia,, and MSI. Players were invited to tackle challenges on a unique course, with amazing prizes for the best times. A festive and competitive experience that delighted our gaming community !

Brand Objective

Nvidia,, and MSI aimed to create an Easter-themed race accessible to all players. This timed race allowed participants to compete for the best times and win fantastic prizes.

The goal was to offer a festive and inclusive experience that combined competition and fun, while strengthening the engagement of the gaming community.

Icone game development

Cube Studios expertise

Our team decided to set specific objectives for players to enhance their gameplay experience. We designed the map to be easy but long, optimizing player retention by allowing those who might not complete it in one go to have a fulfilling experience. By incorporating these goals, we ensured players had a clear path to improve their times, encouraging repeated play and sustained engagement.

Icone game development


To promote this event, we created an engaging trailer shared across social media, along with an eye-catching thumbnail to attract players.

The promotion was further amplified by influencer Nanass and the brands Nvidia,, and MSI. Additionally, the map was featured in the “Epic Games Picks” category, increasing its visibility and drawing a wide audience of gamers.