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Our team specialize in crafting innovative maps using Fortnite Creative, pushing the boundaries of gaming development.

Our partners

Last collaborations

Sniper One Shot


For our collaboration with Corsair, the goal was to promote the brand’s peripherals by creating a map that appealed to players and provided substantial gameplay time.


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Easter Deathrun

To celebrate the Easter holidays, we designed an exciting map course in partnership with Nvidia,, and MSI.


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MSI Project map

Capture the flag


MSI aimed to establish a presence in the Fortnite metaverse by creating a custom map featuring a popular game mode.

The objective was to showcase two of their flagship products, the MPG Infinite X2 PC and the MAG 274UPF monitor, within the immersive gaming environment of Fortnite.


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Push the limit of the project

We create maps in Fortnite Creative and push the limit of the project we take from our clients.

Game Design

We will design a custom branded game for you in Fortnite Creative.

Game Development

We add unique mechanics to add a fun game mode to your game.

Video Trailer

Our editor will create a bespoke trailer for launch

3D Render

We design a 3D image to be used as a thumbnail for the game.

They talk about us in the press

Cube Studios, a team of professionals creating immersive experiences in Fortnite for brands, has collaborated with Lazzarini Design Studio to bring the Pangeos concept to the Fortnite Metaverse.[…]

The project aims to provide a unique gaming experience for players while showcasing the Pangeos concept – a futuristic floating city concept designed by Lazzarini Design Studio.[…]

The concept caught the attention of gamers and technology enthusiasts alike, and Cube Studios saw an opportunity to bring this concept to life in the Fortnite Metaverse.[…]

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