Case Study

MSI Project

MSI Project map

Brand Objective

MSI aimed to establish a presence in the Fortnite metaverse by creating a custom map featuring a popular game mode.

The objective was to showcase two of their flagship products, the MPG Infinite X2 PC and the MAG 274UPF monitor, within the immersive gaming environment of Fortnite.

The goal was to engage with the gaming community and demonstrate MSI’s commitment to delivering high-performance gaming hardware for an enhanced gaming experience.

Cube Studios expertise

Our team at Cube Studios leveraged its creative prowess to design an innovative capture the flag map within Fortnite’s dynamic environment.

Inspired by the iconic red vs. blue mode, we crafted a compelling gameplay experience where two teams engage in intense battles amidst a visually stunning landscape.


To enhance player engagement, we introduced collectible coins throughout the map.

These coins serve as a secondary objective alongside capturing the flag, offering players the opportunity to improve their base defenses or purchase power-ups with the coins earned from eliminations.

MSI Project map


MSI strategically leveraged influencer marketing by collaborating with popular content creator “Nanass” for promotion. An integration on Nanass’s YouTube channel showcased the custom map, generating excitement among his dedicated audience.

Through these promotional efforts, MSI successfully amplified the visibility of the collaboration, reaching a broader audience and sparking interest in the custom map experience.

MSI Project Trailer